Which necklace to wear with a strapless neckline

Which necklace to wear with a strapless neckline
04/28/2015 Alicia L.

What is the purpose of the strapless neckline? Exactly what you’re thinking, showing your skin. If you have a wonderful neckline with a marked and beautiful collarbones like the fantastic Joyce Bryant, you don’t need to wear any necklace, perhaps you could wear some statement earrings, but nothing more. It’s ok.


Joyce Bryant

But it is true that sometimes a strapless neckline without collar can be boring, giving a flat look. The recommendations are a fine necklace of moderate length (from 33 to 41 cms) with a small pendant, not too flashy , you just want a little brightness in the skin.


Penélope Cruz. Via: promdress2015online

That’s the favorite for strapless wedding dresses. A fine and delicate chain accentuates the neck and clavicles without removing prominence from the dress.


Lauren Bacall

Another way to show off that kind of neckline is wearing a chunky necklace, a little exaggerated. But always moderate length, never overlapping or over the line top or dress. It’s better to choose something that stays close to the neck like a choker, or a small strand of glass beads or pearls.


Amy adams Via: elblogdeanasuero.com

If you are interested in combining it with some long necklace make sure it’s very simple and fine, if you don’t want to kill the effect of a strapless neckline.

Do you need to know how combine more necklaces? Keep reading!

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