The 1920’s evening bag

The 1920’s evening bag
01/16/2018 Alicia L.

I want to dedicate this post to this fashion accessory: The 1920’s evening bag.

An evening bag is a handbag which is used during the evening at formal events and parties. They were pretty and tiny enough to carry makeup, keys, a few coins, and cigarettes. The perfect purse for a 1920’s flapper girl.

1920 evening bags

It differs from the bag they used during the day made from fabric or leather.
The evening bags were more dazzling and were often made from little beads or mesh with the popular art deco patterns such as Egyptian and Asian motifs.
1920 evening bags 1
Another thing that differentiates the evening bag from a regular one is that evening bags have always been a symbol of identity and status.
At that time women did not need a large bag because everything they needed was worn by the husband or the man who accompanied them.
They just used a small pouch in order to keep alms for the poor. The more elaborate the bag, the wealthier the lady.
1920 evening bags 2
So these evening bags were a must for sophisticated ladies for decades and do not take into consideration practicality.
Over time, women were won in freedom and independence and these bags crocheted with strands of glass beads and dangling with fringe were all the rage for flappers out on the town.
1920 evening bag
Beads for decorating came in all sorts of new materials as well as the old standby glass bead.
Metal beads made of steel cut beads could be chemically dyed to look like gold or silver.
So many designers created them in a range of colors, they could be tailored to match the dress and shoes and finish the look to perfection.
1920 evening bag
You can check out the Whiting and Davis artwork in order to see great reproductions of 1920’s style handbags or new designs for celebrities of today.
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    Fashion accessories in 20’s were fabulous!

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