All you need is tassel bag charms

All you need is tassel bag charms
03/16/2017 Alicia L.

I have enough bags, said no one ever. Do you need another bag? Well, yes… we always need another bag and sometimes it is not possible. But, hey! I have good news for you, these ethnic tassel bag charms will change your bag’s life.

tassel bag charm 1

Aren’t they cute?

bag charms

You have plenty of color combinations, choose what you love and love what you choose (or ask me for special colors). Each one is handmade with care and a lot of fun!  Tassels and an old coin dating from 1950-1990 Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkey. Do you know those old coins that you see sewn onto the edges and fringes of gypsy goods? Yes, these are those fabulous coins!

Snap these tassel bag charm to your favorite beach bag and summer’s on.

We’ve seen a lot of celebrities wearing colorful tassels paired with casual and formal looks on a number of occasions, and it’s giving us major envy to say the least! So I can’t think of a better accessory for this spring.

tassel bag charm 2

Spring is all about the cute, colorful and fun trends, and the tassel trend exemplifies all three. Tassels are the easiest way to make your spring and summer look trendy and fresh. Your tassels will swish and sway in delight!

Check all these tassel bag charms in our store and start thinking about choosing yours!

Comments (7)

  1. Star of the East 3 years ago

    Yes bags are never enough 😀
    Love these charms, so colorful and pretty!

  2. Kat 3 years ago

    Ooooh, colorful tassels! Love it so much! And indeed great for any bag in this spring!

  3. millie 3 years ago

    Tassels are so lovely! They are great with bags. I love your idea!

  4. Tina 3 years ago

    Great idea! An old bag will feel like new!

  5. petitplat 3 years ago

    I have enough bags. No really. I have. I have too much actually and might still get rid of some, as I truly use 4 and that’s it.
    And I mean 4. That’s quite a lot already ^^
    But those tassels are a great idea! That way you can add some colors to your bag and match it to the rest. 🙂

  6. Ruby 3 years ago

    lol I used to be a bag lady and then I had a baby who will happily slap her dirty yogurt/muddy/questionable fingers everywhere. I literally use one bag every day for the last almost 2 years!

    I definitely like a bit of bag jewelry! Currently we have a nodding kangaroo, the tassels are much more sophisticated!

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