Star Spangled Banner necklace

Star Spangled Banner necklace
11/10/2014 Alicia L.

New projects are coming and we are creating a new star bohemian necklace collection inspired by the American flag. Nos stars and stripes but stars and tassels!

vintage lace american flag

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I’m from Europe and I have no direct relation to the American flag, but It’s part of my life, on TV, in the movies, on music, the iconography is huge! What a great marketing plan 😉

After a lot of designs, a 17-year-old student from Ohio created the actual flag pattern for a class project. Cool fact!

There are five Amercian flags on the moon still standing. Cool fact!

So far these beauties have left the oven and have been already sold. But again they are in stock again, ready to wear on 4th July. Visit the necklace section and have a look.

star bohemian necklace. american flag


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