Find us at the Rachel Brice workshops in BCN

Find us at the Rachel Brice workshops in BCN
09/02/2016 Alicia L.
rachel brice

Finally, I can’t make it. Due to personal issues, I had to cancel my trip to Barcelona. Very sad!! I wanted to learn again with the great Rachel Brice and meet a lot of old and new friends.

BUT, thanks to Eva Tallada and the members of my dance tribe, my jewelry will be there!! You can find a little sample of my work. Nine pieces will be exposed in the main dance room during the Rachel Brice’s workshops. (On 2/3/4 Sept.) Weeee!!!

A big sorry, I couldn’t send more pieces and the official packaging. I’m travelling right now and I didn’t have many pieces with me, so soooorry!!

Thanks again to Alma Oriental for thinking in my jewelry.

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