The dainty

The dainty


Handmade bracelet featuring French Victorian silver and gold cut steel seed beads.

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I made this handmade bracelet with French Victorian silver and gold cut steel seed beads.

What is steel cut jewelry? Well, not such easy as steel…since it became a style of making jewelry that was in fashion in Europe for more than a century.

These are small pieces of carved and polished steel with different cuts to give it a special shine and glow, these were fitted to a steel base. Thus, different jewelry and ornaments were created.

The great thing is that there aren’t gems or precious stones, is just polished steel and it can compete in brightness with them. How can this riveted steel on a steel base become so spectacular?

We want its splendor again! We usually work with steel cut in our jewelry pieces and we know that someday it will come to an end, no more steel cut. How sad is that!? Check out our shop to get your steel cut jewel before they disappear forever.

There are tons of beaded bracelet out there, but if you are on this website is because you are an exceptional woman that loves meaningful things.

I think you know by now how much we love mixing textures, concepts, and materials from different places and ages. Oh well! this is no exception to the rule.

The result? A metallic festival that celebrates the mix of gold and silver colors and makes it perfect for every outfit. From smart to boho looks, from formal to casual, but always with a chic flair.
Layer it on, wear it alone, give as gift or hoard for yourself 🙂

This listing is for one bracelet. Do you have any questions? Send me a message and I will help you the best I can!



This design is ready to ship, it comes packaged in a charming Odd Fibulae box, perfect for gift giving, or safekeeping.

≫✣≪ SAFE ≫✣≪

To make sure you can continue wearing your purchase jewelry, it’s best to take good care of it! Keep it in a dry place. Don’t let it get in touch with any type of liquid (water, perfume, styling products and so on). Take it off when taking a shower, bath or swim.


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