Air alchemy symbol.

Air alchemy symbol.


This features antique crystal prisms and one pendant with the “Air” alchemy symbol and old handmade gypsy charms.

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Air is one of the four elements.

Enlil was the god of air in ancient Sumer. Shu was the ancient Egyptian god of air and the husband of Tefnut, goddess of moisture. He became an emblem of strength by virtue of his role in separating Nut from Geb. He played a primary role in the Coffin Texts, which were spells intended to help the deceased reach the realm of the afterlife safely. On the way to the sky, the spirit had to travel through the air as one spell indicates: “I have gone up in Shu, I have climbed on the sunbeams.”

Do I need tell you more? I love empowering exceptional women.

This necklace features three old crystal prisms, one antique brass bezel with the “Copper” alchemy symbol and two old handmade dangles from the nomadic Kuchi Tribe of Southeast Afghanistan and Northwest Pakistan. All of them are strung on a 1900 French steel cut beads.

The necklace measures approximately 10” in length (25.5cm) and closes with a brass lobster clasp.


The metal used in most Afghan Kuchi tribal jewelry is made of a mixed metal alloy called “gilet”.

Some of the components are handmade by nomadic tribes of Central Asia. There may be some imperfections such as scratches or dents, certain irregularities associated with age I always try to be as accurate and honest as possible when I describe ítems. These are not considered flaws and add to the overall look of the items. Please email me if you have any questions.



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