About Me

old ethnic jewelry

Hello odd world, I’m Alicia.

I put together my passion for collecting old ethnic jewelry from the East and my love for the Western designs and materials from the early 20th Century. That’s how Odd Fibulae was born.

There is nothing for me like combining old, difficult-to-find pieces with other findings that, although could be found on similar dates, were quite apart from each other. It just gives me an odd feeling and an unusual piece of mind. How was I not going to share this with everyone?

This blend goes along the lines of an exotic oriental fantasy. Jewels “with experience”, made of “lived” materials that have more to do with deconstructing than with recycling. Jewels that produce an intentional collision of cultural realities and that are able to tell a story.

Odd Fibulae is high-end custom jewelry based on mixing treasures from here and there, gathered with the goal of creating unique pieces within a bohemian and elegant style.


Too much passion when I decided to create the kind of jewels I could never find. Authentic bohemian style with authentic bohemian materials. Ethnic pieces without spending a fortune.


I’m open to any questions or requests you might have. I don’t forget that Odd Fibulae is possible thanks to people like you. You make my dream come true. Tell me how I can help and I will do my best.


I want to help exceptional women like you feel pretty. You add the uniqueness, my jewels add the beautifulness and I add the love. I enjoy with details, from your purchase to the delivery.