7/2017 My month & Links

7/2017 My month & Links
08/03/2017 Alicia L.

As a multi entrepreneur, usually I don’t have time (I’m a tough boss with my unique employee that is me), but July is like a fresh air.

New pieces are coming: I finished my “dance season” so I have time to spend creating new jewelry. During the year I take notes of all the ideas that come to my mind and during summer carry them out. So I can say it was a fruitful July.

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New place to work: I left the city for 3 months every year so now I can work and create things with a great view. What do you think?  Do you feel inspired?

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☆ If you were in London in May, maybe you went to the Sadler’s Wells theater and look for this amazing show created by the multi-talented performer and director James Thierrée. His last show featuring a seamless mix of mechanical marvels, music, surreal humor and acrobatic finesse. Watch the trailer and let them blow your mind.

☆ I found interesting these illustrations. A series of futuristic pictures by Jean-Marc Côté and other artists issued in France in 1900, the images depicted the world as it was imagined to be like in the then distant year of 2000.

☆ The featured image today is a great collage called “Song” by the Spanish artist Marcos Martínez. Check out his fantastic artwork.

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  1. Star of the East 2 years ago

    Love your new pieces, that view is inspiring and beautiful!

  2. Gina 2 years ago

    Very nice collection.

  3. Palomilla 2 years ago

    Alicia! Me rechifla esta sección! Gran idea!!
    Aprovecha estos tres meses en el campo para crear y crear! 🙂

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