11/2018 My month & Links

11/2018 My month & Links
12/04/2017 Alicia L.

November is the month where I have to work with customer orders. When I finish writing this post I will go directly to the post office to send the last pre-Christmas orders.

So writing today and thinking about everything I’ve done this month helps me to disconnect and rest my hands for a little while.

  • Not Black Friday but Christmas on sale: Feeling tired of Black Friday, this year I decided to forget it and go straight to a permanent offer. From now on there is a new section in my store with products on sale 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year.
  • This month I returned to Seville after many years, to participate in the dance workshops of Samantha Emanuel and to participate in the bazaar with Odd Fibulae. It has been a great little trip, I have found a wonderful city that I want to return to as soon as possible. I think I’m in love (again)



  • Aaaand I have been accepted in the next Nómada Market, “Mr. Claus Edition”. It will be held in Madrid next 15, 16 and 17 December. So I’m renewing stock, making new pieces and working on my stand and jewelry displays. Happy and exhausted!

nomada market



☆ Love this TED talk: How to practice effectively … for just about anything.

☆ These days of maximum stress and craziness  I like to remind this:  The key to happiness, according to August Engelhardt, was simple: Abandon your earthly possessions, move to a tropical island, become a nudist, and eat only coconuts 😀 A great article by Zoë Bernard for AtlasObscura

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