Next stop, Malasaña Market

Next stop, Malasaña Market
10/14/2014 Alicia L.
malasaña market

October is here!

We are a few months away from celebrating our anniversary, and this time, we’re getting dressed up to come out in society.

Odd Fibulae jewelry will debut with 57 participants at the brand new Malasaña Market, located in the Barceló Market (1st floor), right next the Tribunal metro station.
A new market held each month and hosting the alternative ” Malasaña spirit” like no other.

This October is the coming-out and we will take the opportunity to unveil our latest creations: bracelets, earrings, a new collection of necklaces … Come by and say “hello” 🙂
Remember the dates: 17, 18 and 19 October.

Market Schedule: Friday, October 17  (from 17h to 22h); Saturday, October  18 (from 12h to 22h); Sunday,  October 19 (from 12h to 20h)

Lamps, footwear, jewelry, shirts, children’s stuff, vintage home decor, books and notebooks, crafts in wool, hats, bow ties, delicatessen food, upcycled ethical and sustainable fashion, oriental designs, paper architecture… Don’t miss it!

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