How to choose the perfect necklace for turtle neckline

How to choose the perfect necklace for turtle neckline
08/15/2014 Alicia L.

Because each type of neckline fits best with a necklace type, here it is the fist part of a guide to make it easier to combine when wrapped up warm.

When we have a turtle neckline top or dress we tend to wear nothing, it seems we don’t understand that the necklace does not necessarily have to be in contact with the skin, so we opted not to take risks and do as Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn turtle neckline

But think that the necklace will have a background of another color that is not your skin. A black background, white background, red background, blue background… and then a whole world of possibilities opens up.

We must give it interest and focus!

turtle neckline

Tatty Devine Lobster Giant Necklace / Jane Birkin / / Angela Davis by G. Marshall Wilson

A statement necklace can be the perfect solution if we want to take our look to a wow category. You know that the idea of dressing through accessories is back. In this case, make the top the perfect accessory for your necklace. Think backwards.

turtle statement neckline

Olivia Palermo / Julia Kennedy for Oasis / Cindy Crawford by Vladimir Marti

Another more casual option is a long necklace, this fits pretty well with thick sweaters.

What did our friends from the past do?

old turtle neckline

Our friends from the nineteenth century already know what necklace to combine with a turtle neck. They did not hesitate to wear a pearl necklace or a long chain necklace. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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