Do you know Pamela Love?

Do you know Pamela Love?
05/27/2014 Alicia L.

Pamela Love is a jewelry designer based in New York City. She debuted her first collection in 2008 and today is one of the independent designers most sought after by celebrities.


Her artwork includes numerous materials: bronze, leather, 14kt gold, precious and semiprecious stones. She uses 100% recycled metal and the end of production always goes through her hands to give the finishing touch.


With a very definite style and a very elaborate concept, Pamela Love designs surprised the world with their originality and tribal/rocker/bohemian style.
pamela and alexa

As you can see in the pictures, many of her pieces are inspired by Kuchi jewelry, this nomadic tribe living on the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan that we love to use in our designs.

Pamela Love has managed to reinvent them to adapt to modern tastes and judging by the success she gets (Vogue, Elle Italy, Haper’s Bazaar, InStyle …) we can safely say that the tribal style triumphs all over the world.



Authentic jewelry from Pakistan, you can appreciate the inspiration.


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