Cadmium Rose, an alternative couture line

Cadmium Rose, an alternative couture line
01/26/2017 Alicia L.

Nur is a Spanish fashion designer and the founder of Cadmium Rose -an alternative couture line. And let me tell you I’m totally in love with its extravagant, ornate and feminine style.


Cadmium Rose designs were created for sophisticated traveler curious strong women with passions and goals that move their body.

You can see some inspiration from different trends: post-apocalyptic, steampunk, rock, punk, vintage… Some of her beautiful designs take months to complete. This is not exactly following today’s fast-paced fashion world.

“We believe in small productions and unique garments, made with little treasures that bring their own story to each creation. Garments with an alternative flavor, elegant dresses, rough edges, antique embroidered fabrics, buttons and feathers from the 20’s.”

Everything she makes is designed, cut, and sewn in the inspiring city of Barcelona. In this interview, she told us more about her work.

cadmiun rose 1

PHOTO: Lulu Voodoo / MUA: Sara Ferraro / MODEL: Miranda


How did your background help with your current position as a fashion designer? Is that background reflected in your designs?

All the aspects of my background help me a lot with my fashion designer career. One is being a dancer, of course, and that is the most visible influence on my designs I guess. But on the other hand, before I headed to fashion design, I spent many years studying architecture.

cadmiun rose 2

Designing buildings was not my thing but it taught me a lot about seeing the lines, the order, and disorder, concepts, structure… This gave me a whole vision on everything I design that helps me in an inner way.

But being a dancer was a big point, of course. Sewing my costumes with my grandma made me realize that what I had in my mind could be dressed. And also I was traveling so many years around Europe learning from amazing tribal teachers, dancing and even teaching so I knew a lot of people and I was really into the community when I started with Cadmium Rose so this was really helpful to start.

As I always say, Cadmium Rose is where everything I love in life goes so I guess there is always a big part of the tribal dance in all my designs.

PIC: Lulu Voodoo MODEL: Ariellah Darker Still

PIC: Lulu Voodoo MODEL: Ariellah Darker Still

How has your personal taste evolved since your beginnings?

Looking back I see a kind of common thread I always had: a mix of baroque, decadence and extravagance. Through the years I’ve been “cleaning” and defining my taste.

When I was young everything seemed like it could work, now my taste is more critical and more specific. This becomes really obvious when I’m choosing charms and trims for my pieces, they really have to tell me something whether it’s new or old.

As I grow, a deep attraction for antiques grows in me, their stories, those unique ways things were done.

If you could define Cadmium Rose fashion in three words, what would they be?

Finding words to define what I do is always a hard work for me, but I like to define it like an industrial bohemian style. And feminine, for sure!

cadmium rose 5

PHOTO: Josep Avilés / MUA: Nur / MODEL: Anneke Necrophyle


What was your primary inspiration? 

It was tribal fusion, without any doubt. Everything began there. When I first discovered tribal fusion I found in that aesthetic everything I was looking for.

The movement, the details, the textures, the antiques, that curves… everything in my mind started to make sense for me and every other style I can work on is always related in the end to this tribal fusion aesthetic.

PIC: Just García MODEL: Marta Eres

PIC: Just García MODEL: Marta Eres

What do you think about imitations?

It is something I don’t think about a lot. All the time I see amazing works being imitated around me.

It’s sad, of course, but is something we can rarely stop and we have to be strong in our work. When we look for inspiration, think about a design, we work to find the best way to do it, we look for the fabric and other materials we are creating a story around that piece.

There will be no story in an imitation, so at the end, this will be something the customer will decide, bringing home a piece of a story or just buying something to be shown.

What music, films, books are currently influencing you?

I’m currently influenced by some kind of “back to the roots” stories, some kind of visceral and emotional themes.

Strange TV Series like Carnivàle, all Poe tales, Tim burton atmosphere, decadent and emotional music like Florence and the Machine, CocoRosie…


Who are some of your favorite artists?

Talking about fashion artists I’m totally and absolute Alexander McQueen fan. That extravagant, disturbing and sophisticated style is one of my big inspirations.

Also other designers like Black Lotus Clothing, Gelareh Designs, Jungle Tribe, Hysteria Machine…

Illustrators like Toon Hertz and Marc Ryden and many photographers. Photography is one the most amazing things that inspire me. I love Sequoia Emmanuel’s work, Au contraire photography among many, many others.

And then, some of my favorite artists are, without any doubt, the handcrafters, the dancers, and all the artists in some way closer to me, they inspire me deeply when I talk to them and go deep a little bit in their story like Olivia Kissel, like Odd Fibulae (I’m not being nice, I’m a big fan of your jewelry), passionate dancers like Marta Eres, an amazing dancer, and friend, and many others.

logo cadmium rose

You can find the Cadmium Rose designs at her own site or through her Etsy store.


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  1. Kat 4 years ago

    Loved reading this interview of such a wonderful artist, thanks for sharing the work of Nur.

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    Very unique clothing line! And interesting interview as well.

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    Awesome fashion design! Your jewelry would fit with these outfits!

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    Awesome pieces indeed!

  5. Anna 4 years ago

    You are right, when we sell an item with a story behind, we are selling more than something to be shown.
    Love to read the process behind beautiful creations.

  6. millie 4 years ago

    No doubt for me she wasan Alexander Mc Queen’s fan!
    She doesan amazing work! Thanks for sharing. The first dress is absolutely enormous!!

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    Thanks to interesting ideas. Lovely author

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    que artista tan interesante! me ha encantado la entrada de hoy! a mi me flipa la serie de cárnival y las cocorosie también, que casualidades! 🙂

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    Such a gorgeous clothing line! Great interview!

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    Absolute gorgeous design!!!

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