Take the friendship bracelet to the next level

Take the friendship bracelet to the next level
07/26/2014 Alicia L.

We are proud to introduce to you these alternative friendship bracelets. New from our 2014 collection.
I think you know by now how much we love mixing textures, concepts and materials from different places and ages. Oh well! this is no exception to the rule. See what you think of this mixture.

bohemian bracelet
This bracelet has been made by putting together a brass chain with French steel cut beads from 1900. To top it off in uniqueness, we have decorated it with Ecuadorian ceramic color beads, bought personally from true Andean artisans in the cities of Quito and Baños.
The result? A metallic festival that celebrates the mix of gold, silver, and brass and makes it perfect for every outfit. From smart to boho looks, from formal to casual, but always with a chic flair.

bracelet bohemian

Oh right, the tassel! That’s our own personal touch that gives the piece the ethnic hint Odd Fibulae has in each creation.

bohemian bracelet

I know what you thinking! Ok, beaded bracelets with tassels… they’re everywhere … but what about exclusivity? What about the beauty of the materials?This is taking the friendship bracelet to another level. And remember, these bracelets are not for everyone, only for exceptional women!

Join the club and fall in love with our newest tassel creation! Enjoy wearing a bunch of these together!

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