5 cruelty free makeup brands that I love

5 cruelty free makeup brands that I love
08/17/2017 Alicia L.

First question:

Do you love makeup?

Second question:

Do you love animals?

I love makeup even if I don’t use it every day, but I’m totally convinced that my caprices can not cause harm to other living beings. Fortunately, nowadays more and more brands are reconsidering their ethics and releasing vegan-friendly lines.

For that reason, I compiled my top 5 of cruelty-free makeup brands:

1- BH Cosmetics

You can find a lot of palettes, lipstick, and foundations. Their products are high-quality and affordable. I especially love her makeup brushes, they are soft and don’t shed making for a flawless finish.

5 cruelty free makeup2-  KAT VON D

Kat Von D has bold makeup that’s gained a cult following over the years, and they’re also working towards becoming a 100% vegan line. Plus, her packaging and artwork are to die for. 

The matte lipsticks are amazing, they are super pigmented, true to their color and they last forever! The quality is great and it really is full coverage. The products aren’t very cheap but they are totally worth it.  

5 cruelty free makeup brands


Developed by  Gabriela Hernandez, Bésame Cosmetics is a celebration of the beauty of vintage make up for the modern women who long for the romance and nostalgia of Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’. Besame has a great selection of replica cosmetics. The products are based on real vintage colors, powders, cake mascaras and fragrances. The colors and finishes of the lipsticks are perfect.

5 cruelty free makeup brands 43


NYX products are super-affordable, high-quality, long-wearing and there is so much to choose from. I love their foundation and their prices are unbeatable. You can also order on-line!


5 cruelty free makeup brands 2



This brand is perfect if you like a no-makeup makeup or you have a weird delicate skin as me. The coverage of their foundations is great and  it feels light. BareMinerals has products for every age group and it is great for a natural look.

bare minerals

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  1. Gina 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this info ♥

  2. Anna 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing these brands!

  3. Luisa 3 years ago

    It’s always great to find out what is new in the make-up world, specially if it’s cruelty free and organic.

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