2/2017 My month & Links

2/2017 My month & Links
03/02/2017 Alicia L.

March is right here, telling me “Hi, Alicia”. February was a comme ci comme ça month:

Two colds in a row: Yes, flu is in the air, I thought I was going to get rid of the flu, but it finally got me. I’m writing now with a cough and a little fever. 28 days in February and I’ve been sick 12.

Goodbye oven: It gave me a wave goodbye. at the moment I can’t buy another so…

Sunny days: Finally warm days, this is Spain so we need to have a little warm weather like lizards.

A lot of work: Too much, I think I almost burnout. three business running is too much :(

Pina is here!!: My new greyhound is at home finally. She had the sterilization surgery so a lot of things new for her. The best is seeing the great relationship between the two dogs. They love each other!!


She is wearing a fantastic sheep hat by La galga tozuda


☆ Last weekend I went to the Reina Sofia Museum to see the Bruce Conner exhibition, and I went to see the Pablo Picasso’s painting Guernika (one more time). I found the 3D view of the painting by Lena Gieseke … AMAZING!

☆ To my friends who loves embroidery, you need to watch this Embroidered Zoetrope by Elliot Schultz

☆ I found this clip really interesting, showing how the traditional process of the map globes making.

☆ And a little bit of good dancing!! Do you know what reggada is? The Reggada is a musical genre of the north-east of Africa. A folk traditional music, and this genius called Waydi made this incredible perform. Folk + freestyle = love

☆ Featured image today is called “Eye cry” by Julia Lillard. Check out her fantastic artwork.

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  1. petitplat 11 months ago

    meh for the cold and the almost burnout. Try to take care of yourself and don’t overwork too much!

    • Author
      Alicia L. 11 months ago

      thanks!! Yes I need to rest more often

  2. Star of the East 11 months ago

    Pina is adorable!
    A lot of people hate February, I think it has a bad vibe 😀

  3. Anna 11 months ago

    She is so cute and her hat with ears is amazing!

  4. НАТАЛЬЯ 11 months ago

    funny ears is your greyhound

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