10 ways to use tassels

10 ways to use tassels
02/09/2017 Alicia L.

Tassel: /ˈtæsəl/n., v.,  n. [countable]

  1. an ornament consisting of a bunch of threads or cords hanging from a knob, used on clothing, etc.

Used on clothing, etc… Exactly! Let’s analyze that “etc”. I love tassels and there are plenty ways to use them.

1.Of course, a tassel necklace! A summer trend, especially if you live in Ibiza.

long tassel boho necklace

Tassel necklace by Odd Fibulae, buy here


2. Tassels on the shoes, these amazing shoes are made by Manolo Blahnik, a Spanish designer.

ways to use tassels


3. This is so cool. Tassel dog collar and be ready to be the master of the park.

tassel dog collar


4. A Turkish flavor to your window. A colorful tassel curtain.


5. Since I have this tassel keychain, I never lose my keys!

bohemian bag charm

In love with this keychain? Buy here


6. Amazing idea by Star Home Studio. This gorgeous oriental wooden side table would look great anywhere in your hallway, living room, office or bedroom.

tassel stars

Buy this beauty table here


7. Tassels on your wrists, really flattering!!! Tassel bracelets!

tassel chic bracelet

Mini tassel bracelet. Buy it here


8. A bohemian bedroom? A tassel wall ornament is a must. It is easy, and you can choose the color you need.


9. A tassel bag. You can find tassels in a lot of styles, not just in boho outfits.

tassel bag


10. And at last but not at least, a tassel kilt pin for your shawls and scarf. Tassels are not only for summer.

serenity pantone

Buy it here

Comments (7)

  1. petitplat 3 years ago

    Fun ways of using tassels!

  2. Star of the East 3 years ago

    I love tassels, so much fun in any kind of products! Love your picks and thank you so much for featuring our tassel side table 🙂

  3. Kat 3 years ago

    Oh waw, what a great collection! I wasn’t aware of all this different ways to use tassels. Beautiful put together! Thanks.

  4. НАТАЛЬЯ 3 years ago

    I liked the dog with tassels

  5. Ruby 3 years ago

    The shoes! Oh the shoes! I see Estella’s piece too!

  6. millie 3 years ago

    I must admit i did not find tassels pretty for years.
    But the way it is used now by some great designers makes me love them!

  7. Iulia Postica 3 years ago

    For some time I am dreaming of a leather bag with tassels, but didn’t find mine yet! Just love them!

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